Listing a home for sale is definitely not an easy task, but if you have found your new dream home and you want to make your old house be that new home for another family than its time to list your home for sale. However, before you do there are many things that should be done so that your home gets sold to the right family and in the shortest amount of time possible. Keep in mind that the better agents you get to help you sell your home the better success you will have with that endeavor. In paradise valley homes for sale sell 10 times faster with agents that live there as they know the market.

So, let’s begin with the list of the things you should do when you list your home for sale

– De-Personalize your home

cleaninig home equipementSometimes it’s good to leave some warmth inside your home when you are moving, but more often than not many things need to get de-personalized as you don’t want to scare the new homeowners with your lingering presence. What we mean here is that all those marks that you made when the kids were growing up, on how tall they are they need to be painted over. All those custom screws in the garage where the tools were hanging need to be patched up. Why do this? Well, you don’t want your new home inspectors to feel like they are not welcome, and with personalized items still in the home, they will definitely feel unwanted.

– Clean up

Tons of people forget the most basic thing when they are selling their home. Get a painter and paint those dirty walls, and make sure to hire a maid to clean the whole house if you won’t do it yourself. The home needs to be clean for the new owners as when they inspect the home for the first time, if they don’t feel the vibe of the home, they won’t be back again.

– Fix up your front and backyard

While you think that only the looks of the inside of your house matter 60% of people that are purchasing a new home say that if they see a bad looking front yard they will have a bad feeling about the house before they enter it. So, if you don’t want people to leave before they enter your home, put some effort into the aesthetic look of your front and backyard.

– Paint the entrance and your mailbox

The first feeling people get when they get near your house will be at the mailbox and at the entrance. If these things look rusted and chipped they will be biased. Make sure to paint these things so they look like brand new and people will have a `friendlier approach to an even older home.

– Make sure your hose is vented properly

Every time somebody visits you should vent he house at least 30 minutes before so that the air is not stale, and if you have any strong smells lingering so that they can be vented. A fresher home will sell sooner.