Best roof Installation Company in Detroit, Michigan

Anyone that has some basic knowledge about roofing, as well as other types of construction, knows that the location of a building limits the number of materials one can use on it. The climate is what affects the material. The installation of the roof in a continental climate isn’t same as building it in the coastal areas. Those that forsake this pay for roofs whose life expectancy is twice lower than those that pay attention to the climate and materials.

The climate in Michigan differs from the average weather in some ways. It gets just below 60 inches of snowfall every year, and the humidity is above average. The state receives 170 sunny days with 130 days of measurable precipitation. This means that roofs in Michigan have to be tailored to withstand this kind of weather. Then you have to add the element of a big city. The climate in towns differs from countryside due to the high amount of smog. This also has to be taken into consideration when constructing roofs.

The cost of a roof installation

One significant element that might affect your decision, on which type of roof to install, is the cost of the same. Estimation of the price should be completed by a professional. Our company offers a free evaluation for those that accept us as their contractor. We also provide estimation services to other people as well.

Now, an entirely new roof will cost you between six and twenty thousand dollars. Labor and material costs are calculated into the price. We include additional fees into the estimation. Be careful with other contractors as some of them don’t involve additional charges. This might hurt your finances once you receive the bill.

Estimation will give you approximate time in which the project will be finished. This, however, doesn’t include unforeseen circumstances that might prolong the work. Bad weather can affect the work and push the finishing date back for a couple of days.

Rain makes it hard to work on a roof, and there is a possibility of structural damage from water. We tend to stop the work if the rain starts.

Other things that can delay roof installation include exterior work and repairs that can’t be finished once the roof is installed. Our estimator will advise you on completing this kind of work. Make sure that everything is ready for us. This will save you both money and time.

Roofing material we recommend

Asphalt shingles are the best roof shingles for this type of climate. They are cheap and durable. They will last up to thirty years if you maintain them on a regular basis.
The other excellent option for a roof in Detroit is the metal. Metal roofing is recyclable so you can get some money back out of it if you choose to change the roof in the future. Metal is quite durable, and it will outlive any other type of roof. This roofing material and its installation are a bit more expensive than other materials are, but this is offset by the longevity and the maintenance, which is in this case almost non-existent.